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Rocky Broadhead apparel review by Peter Hochstein

Figure 1 “Photo” Peter Hochstein in his new Rocky Broadhead apparel.

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As a member of Wild Jaeger International Pro Staff, I was lucky to receive my new Rocky Broadhead gear from Ricky Mills.  The first thing I realized unpacking the box was the outstanding quality of the fabric, which the Broadhead pants, and jacket were made of.  Both jacket and trousers are covered in my favorite camouflage, Realtree Xtra®, ensuring that you always stay hidden from the game’s eyes.

The first item I picked from the box was the Rocky Broadhead Waterproof Pants.  The VapourFlex® fabric which was added to the front of the pant legs and on the butt, felt stretchable and soft as I stroked the pants.  As I found out, VapourFlex® is keeping its word: not just lightweight and stretchable but 100% waterproof and breathable.  These attributes are very important for an active hunter, who is not just sitting on a high seat but also on the ground actively pursuing game.

The pants are also made out of polyester SilentHunter suede that provides a perfect fit.  What I really like about the pants is the elastic waistband that provides even greater comfort in extreme situations like climbing into the treestand or moving on uneven rocky terrain.  You can find plenty of useful pockets (one at the hip, two on each side of the legs and one on the backside) where you can put all the gear or anything you need when you are bowhunting in the woods.

I was fascinated with these pants, so I tried them on quickly.  The first impression I got, was that the size Large was fitting a little tight. But, as I started moving, I noticed a the level of flexibility that compensates for the tight fit.  This turned out to be very true as I started to hunt in my Broadhead outfit!  After the first hunt, I got use to this tight fit and now I really enjoy wearing these pants.  Hunters are always buying rather baggy apparel, just to feel comfortable during a whole day in the woods.  That is over now, with the Rocky Broadhead Waterproof  pants, comfortable does not mean baggy any more.

The Rocky Broadhead Waterproof Jacket is just awesome!  A fresh new design meets functionality and quality!  Trust me, I know what I am speaking about; I have been selling hunting apparel for 8 years and have experienced the evolution hunting clothes have gone through over the years.  To be honest, the Rocky Broadhead outfit is now on the top of that evolution for me!

Figure 2 “Photo” Bow hunting with the Rocky Broadhead jacket and pants combo.

Just take a look at all the little details, that makes the Rocky Broadhead Jacket a must have for all serious bowhunter’s.  The fabric is the same VapourFlex® (positioned on the elbows and back) and polyester SilentHunter suede as on the pants, which provides waterproofing and breathability, while not compromising the perfect level of comfort and silence.

One of my favorite innovation’s on the Broadhead jacket is the possibility of the three-zipper adjustment.  You can always gear your jacket to the thickness of the clothes you wear under your jacket, so you can say goodbye to bulkiness without sacrifice to the season.  It was a real surprise when I found out that the sleeves can be zipped off, and my jacket transformed into a vest in only a few seconds!  Another very important feature for bowhunters is Rocky’s exclusive scent control which also limits the emission of scent.

I could not wait to put on my new outfit and test it in a real hunting environment.  It worked great, but it is hard to describe the grade of comfort and mobility you get wearing the Rocky Broadhead outfit.  To be honest, since the day I received this apparel, I have not used my old gear.  Even in the cold weather we have in November and December in Hungary.  I wear my new gear under my snow camouflage outfit, because it’s perfect for another layer to wear. If you’ve been searching for the ultimate bow hunter apparel, do not hesitate to buy the Rocky Broadhead SilentHunter Jacket and Pants at the Wild Jaeger Hunting and Fishing Center!

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