SNIPENSTRIKE’s Bear Series Camouflage Review

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By Larry E. Reeb II SGM(R), WILD Jaeger (Stuttgart) Franchise Owner

“I have had animals walk directly up to me within feet on several occasions, totally oblivious to my presence.” (Video)

Figure 1 (Photo) Larry Reeb II with his Roe buck, harvested with his compound bow. Watch the video of this hunt here: (Video)

Having been a hunter all of my life and having served over 24 years in the U.S. Army Special Forces, camouflage is something I can say I know a little bit about. I look at camouflage as a system and there are two components that make up that system “Pattern and Material”.

As many of you know, a good camouflage pattern breaks up the contours of the body and blends you into your environment, this is the desired effect. There are many excellent patterns on the market these days that do just that however, there’s one pattern in particular that I am very fond of and that’s the pattern Snipe N Strike chose. The MACRO/MICRO pattern.

This pattern works very well in almost all environments and Snipe N Strike produces several outstanding series.  Each series is a different color pattern for different environmental conditions (See Regardless of the color, Snipe N Strike’s MACRO/MICRO camouflage pattern stands out regarding the break up and blending aspects of concealment, both during optimal and low light conditions. Having tested both the Puma and the Bear Series products by Snipe N Strike, during Summer and Winter conditions I find no equal to Snipe N Strike MACRO/MICRO pattern in the hard wood forests, fields or fence rows. 

Figure 2 (Photo) Larry Reeb II after harvesting his red stag with his rifle.

Once you have the optimal pattern, the second part of great camouflage clothing is, it must rest on a material that is quiet, pliable and durable. The material must protect the hunter from the elements both climatically and environmentally. With that being said, Snipe N Strike chose a material called Porelle Membrane, for their Bear Series Camouflage. It’s virtually silent, wind and water resistant, and this rugged fabric conforms to the body allowing for unrestricted freedom of movement. The Jacket and Trousers allow your body to breathe reducing the sweat factor so long as you manage output and your heat production wisely. It fits and wears very well, and it feels good on,  If that’s not enough, its odor containing, making this my number one choice for bow hunting. Last but not least, the pockets are plenty and positioned well for easy access. There is no loud Velcro closures but zippers. Quiet zippers that are rugged and do not snag or cause you problems.

Check out the video below of Ricky Mills and myself while we were hunting in Denmark.

As a system, it’s loose enough fitting for the freedom of movement as I mentioned but just in case of extreme cold conditions you can add a layer of thermals under the Snipe N Strike. I have worn the bear series extensively in a wide range of conditions and love it.

If you are properly fitted and use the item to it’s potential, the results of Snipe N Strikes Bear Series are the ability to sit out in a variety of conditions comfortably for longer duration, unseen and unheard. This is going to increase your chances of a successful hunt. The Bear Series by Snipe N Strike is a superb product and I recommend it. It is my choice for camouflage clothing.

In conclusion, having tested Snipe N Strike’s Bear and Pumas Series Camouflage, my confidence in these systems is absolute. I have had animals literally walk directly up to me within feet on several occasions, totally oblivious to my presence. I am sold on Snipe N Strike time tested and proven. “You will be to”. Good luck this season, shoot straight and be safe in the great outdoors.


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