List of sovereign states and dependent territories in Africa

Algeria                                                   Gabon                                         Nigeria

Angola                                                   Gambia                                       Reunion

Benin                                                     Ghana                                          Rwanda

Botswana                                              Guinea                                         Saint Helena and Ascension

Burkina Faso                                        Guinea-Bissau                              Sao Tome and Principe

Barundi                                                 Kenya                                          Senegal

Cameroon                                            Lesotho                                        Seychelles

Cape Verde                                          Liberia                                         Sierra Leone

Central African Republic                      Libya                                           Somalia

Chad                                                     Madagascar                                 South Africa

Comoros                                               Malawi                                         South Sudan

Congo                                                     Mali                                            Sudan

Ivory Coast                                           Mauritania                                   Swaziland

Democratic Republic of Congo             Maritius                                      Tanzania

Djibouti                                                 Mayotte                                       Togo

Egypt                                                      Morocco                                     Tunisia

Equatorial Guinea                                  Mozambique                              Uganda

Eritrea                                                   Namibia                                       Western Sahara

Ethiopia                                                 Niger                                          Zambia


Hunting tales from the Dark Continent – “The Warthog that wasn’t supposed to be mine”.

By  Michael Boehme Figure-1 “Photo” Michael and his son Danny, with his trophy warthog. The day before this hunt, we hunted Ostriches for an African farmer on the southern edge of the Kalahari Desert who had too many ostriches.  Nasty creatures – covered with black flies the size of watermelon seeds – – – but […]

Cape Buffalo (Syncerus Caffer)

The African Cape Buffalo is one of the biggest of the Big 5 dangerous animals in Africa along with the Elephant, Lion, Leopard and Rhinoceros. The Cape Buffalo is known for killing several people each year. This animal is distinctive by the dark color of its hide. Its hair is sparsely distributed on the body, […]