Benjamin House (Germany)

Benjamin House grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He grew up in a family that encouraged spending time outdoors, thus gaining an appreciation for nature. Being very active at a young age, he was always looking for a new experience and quickly discovered a love for shooting sports. Not coming from a hunting family however it took some time for him to become actively involved in the sport, though he readily joined friends of the family wherever a seat was free.

Always wanting to be a Soldier, the events of September 11, 2001 pushed Ben to join the Army straight out of high school.  Never shying from action or an adventure he decided the Infantry would be a good fit and choose Germany as a first duty station. He was quickly selected for Sniper School and deployed with his unit to Iraq in 2003.

After returning to Germany he was quickly reminded of his love of the outdoors and everything green.  Though multiple attempts to participate in the German Hunting Course as a Soldier always conflicted with his military training he was determined to get his German hunting license. After returning from Afghanistan in 2008, and transitioning to civilian life, he was finally able to participate in this program and obtain his German hunting license, the Jagdschein. Harvesting his first Roe Buck and Wild Boar within months of having his license gave him the drive to preserve the sport and help share it with others.

Ben completed the German Hunting Instructors Course at the Baden-Württemberg landesjagdverband in the summer of 2011. Speaking both English and German he acts as a hunting liaison and translator wherever he is needed and is committed to maintaining a positive German-American hunting partnership with our European hosts.  Ben currently lives with his wife in Germany.

Ben’s hunting goals are the ever-constant pursuit of Wild Boar throughout Germany, and to harvest his first Red Deer. His personnel goals are gaining a mastery of butchering, preparation and cooking of wild game.


Figure 2 “Photo” Ben House with a Wildschwein (wild boar) that he harvested in Germany.



States Hunted:

Michigan and Colorado

Countries Hunted:

United States and Germany

Game Taken:

Whitetail Deer, Wild Boar, Roe  Deer, Red Fox, Small Game and Waterfowl

Preferred Weapon/Method: