Dale Kiser (USA / Kentucky)

Dale Kiser was born in Ohio but quickly moved to Kentucky at the age of one. He spent a short time living in Texas but eventually moved back to Kentucky the state he enjoys the most.

Figure 1 “Photo” Dale Kiser with his buck.

He is married and will be celebrating his 27th anniversary June 17, 2012. Dale is extremely proud of his two sons and one granddaughter.

Figure 2 “Photo” Dale Kiser with a great turkey

He started hunting at the age of 13 and it took him nine years before he harvested his first whitetail deer. It may have been a slow start for Dale, but since then he has harvested over 100 whitetails and 47 turkeys. Dale has also been fortunate enough to take a Ram and will be hunting bear for the first time, this year in Maine.

Figure 3 “Photo” Dale Kiser and his Ram

Dale continues to hunt with his father and one of his sons. He is looking forward to hunting with his granddaughter when she is older and teaching her about his respect and passion for hunting. Dale enjoys photography (trail cameras) and sharing his pictures of giant whitetail buck.


His motto is “Keep God first”.


States Hunted:

Ohio, West Viginia, Kentucky and North Carolina

Game harvested:

Whitetail, Turkey and a Ram

Preferred Method:

Bow,  Rifle and Muzzleloader