Frank Siedentopf (Belgium)

Frank Siedentopt lives in Flanders, in the province of Limburg, which is next to the Dutch border (about 5km distance). Frank speaks English, French and Dutch; and if he has to he can swing German as well. He strictly bowhunts all though he has his full hunting license, and knows how to shoot a shotgun and rifle (smaller calibers).

Figure 1 “Photo” Frank Siedentopf takes his archery very serious!

Frank is a member of the FWCA and the Wallon Bowhunting Federation, which is the federation for the French speaking part of Belgium. The reason for this is that there are two different governements and the Wallon part has less strict rules about bowhunting. So passing a bowhunting law would be easier in Wallonia then in Flanders. As always, politics are not easily changed. Frank is trying to start a Belgian Bowhunting Federation, probably by the end of this year, 2012. They will have a stand at the hunting expo in Gent in April of 2012.

Figure 2 “Photo” Frank is working on some graphics for the FWCA and put this one together in March/April of 2012. Click the photograph to jump over to the FWCA website ( .

Frank trains young archery shooters in an archery club to shoot compound bow as well as recurve. Frank does a little competition shooting now and then with his hunting rig in order to keep sharp. He knows how to set up compound bows and has some technical experience with bow maintenance.

Since Frank does not have his own hunting grounds, he hunts almost always on invitation by friends or he travels to France.

Last September, 2011, he had 5 days hunting in South Africa, in the Limpopo Province. He had such a great experience with the outfitter that he used, that he became an agent for them (Tau-Nkwe Safaris).

Figure 3 “Photo” Here is a photograph of Frank Siedentopt in Africa with one of his harvested game animals.

Frank has friends who have a little bowhunt/hunting gear webshop in Belgium near his home. Frank’s favorite game is the wild boar and he will be going for a big one this season, 2012.

Frank does some instructional courses in support of the International Bowhunting Education Program (IBEP) Federation and he is an officially certified IBEP instructor as of 24 March 2013.