Hunting Red Stags In Hungary (Rothirschjagd), Season 1, with Jimmy Kernodle V134

WILD Jaeger Hunting & Fishing Adventures continue to grow into different countries in Europe as well as other WILD Game. Jimmy Kernodle flies into Budapest from Delaware, USA to hunt Red Stag with Ricky Mills. Folks, we are doing this hunt again EVERY YEAR!

If you would like to join me, Ricky Mills, on this hunt in 2021, we will be hunting in September. I will fly from Syracuse, NY (USA), to Budapest to attend this hunt. We can fly together!

WILD Game of the Month

Chamoisr (Rupicapra rupicapra)

Chamois in English and French or Gams in German are native to rugged, high altitude, mountainous regions all across the Alps from the Pyrenees through Austria, Balkans, Carpathians, and even the Caucuses. Specimens range is size, shape, and color but generally average between 40-60 pounds (20-35 kg), close to three feet or one meter in height, and brown beige in summer and Gray black in winter. With shorter front legs than the rear and soft padded hooves, the Chamois is perfectly adapted to browsing on steep rocky terrain.

SUMMIT Viper Climbing Treestand

By Roger Pettersson

I use the Summit Viper tree stand (climber) quite often mainly while bowhunting; but also to scout new locations before I put more permanent ladder stands out.
Usually a review is done by someone testing a brand spanking new product which is always good and an interesting read.  However, it lacks a long time usage review for obvious reasons. I have had my climber for about 7 years now, and I use it probably over 200 hours each season.  I can give you the details that most other reviews are missing.

WILD Jaeger

2020 Czech Driven Hunt (Drückjagd)

WILD Jaeger Team Czech Driven Hunt: 30 October to 1 November 2020. Timeline: 30 October - Arrive by dinner 31 October - Hunt 1 November - Hunt and depart after final afternoon driven hunt Planned videographers: 1. Ricky Mills (Videographer) 2. Vukasin Brother (videographer) 3. Rebecca (Johannes videographer) 4. Steve Tournier (Event Videographer)...

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