SUMMIT Viper Climbing Treestand

By Roger Pettersson

I use the Summit Viper tree stand (climber) quite often mainly while bowhunting; but also to scout new locations before I put more permanent ladder stands out.
Usually a review is done by someone testing a brand spanking new product which is always good and an interesting read.  However, it lacks a long time usage review for obvious reasons. I have had my climber for about 7 years now, and I use it probably over 200 hours each season.  I can give you the details that most other reviews are missing.

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WILD Jaeger Team Czech Driven Hunt: 30 October to 1 November 2020. Timeline: 30 October - Arrive by dinner 31 October - Hunt 1 November - Hunt and depart after final afternoon driven hunt Planned videographers: 1. Ricky Mills (Videographer) 2. Vukasin Brother (videographer) 3. Rebecca (Johannes videographer) 4. Steve Tournier (Event Videographer)...

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