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Roe Deer (Capreolus capreolus)

Roe Deer are grayish-brown to reddish brown, small and lightly built, rarely getting larger than 50 lbs.  Does (Geiss in German) have a heart shaped white rump patch with a tuft of long white hair emanating from their genital region. A buck’s patch is smaller kidney shaped and lacks the tuft. Male deer grow antlers yearly. A normal buck will have 6 points (3 per side) which attain a height of 6-10 inches. As they grow older, the antlers grow larger bases (called Rosen in German) and add texture called “pearling” to the antlers. As they get very old, the antlers start to recede.  The rut is generally is in July and August. Fawns, called Kitz in German, (usually two) are dropped in the following June, and are weaned at six weeks and sexually mature at 16-18 months. Young Roe are very curious.

FOXPRO Shockwave Review

FOXPRO Shockwave Review

Would the sounds be realistic enough?

Would it be loud enough to carry through the endless Norwegian forests?

Could this thing measure up to a well-blown mouth caller?

The results blew me away!

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2022 Spanish Ibex Hunt (Rifle or Bow)

2022 Spanish Ibex Hunt (Rifle or Bow) information can be found at the link below:

Hunting Red Stags In Hungary (Rothirschjagd), Season 1, with Jimmy Kernodle V134

WILD Jaeger Hunting & Fishing Adventures continue to grow into different countries in Europe as well as other WILD Game. Jimmy Kernodle flies into Budapest from Delaware, USA to hunt Red Stag with Ricky Mills. Folks, we are doing this hunt again EVERY YEAR!

If you would like to join me, Ricky Mills, on this hunt in 2021, we will be hunting in September. I will fly from Syracuse, NY (USA), to Budapest to attend this hunt. We can fly together!

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