Bushnell Elite 6500 (1 – 6,5 x 24 mm) English

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An Optic for every man and every woman. At least that’s what my wife and I thought as we were invited to the drive hunt  for wild boar and deer in the Czech Republic, mid January 2017.

When we got accepted into the WILD Jaeger International Pro Staff Team by Ricky Mills last year, he equipped us with a variety of Bushnell Pro Gear. One of the items we received was the Elite 6500 (1-6,5 x 24 mm) “Drive Hunt Scope”.

“Photo 01” Katerina Malota and her rifle mounted with Bushnell Optics (the Elite 6500 scope).

The first impression we had was that the piece of gear was very luxurious. The matt black surface proved to be ivunerable to scratches in the long-term-test. The way it is built is very compact. It was made for “Drückjagd” and that is what we used it for.

After a long time of thinking which gun we would mount with the BUSHNELL, we chose the MERKEL SR-1. The optic with the average diameter of 30mm was mounted with the help of one of our hunting friends.

We went straight to the shooting range after we secured it as hard as we could, to improve the picture we would get. We then shot it in at 100m. The first shot missed by 25 cm. After the correction of a few klicks we tried again and it was only off 5 cm. After another correction the hit was perfect. With a bullet-grouping of 4 cm the BARNES bullets fit perfectly.

“Photo 02” Andy and his wife Katerina were able to quickly dial in their new Bushnell scope.

The elevation and left/right adjustments were located on the topand  right of the scope and allowed us to adjust the shot by one cm at a 100 meters per klick. Bushnell’s glass was brilliant and we were able to see differences in contrast and colors through the scope very clearly.

The glass is equipped with Rainguard-Technologie, that helps in rainy or snowy weather with the fogging up of the lense, which is a common thing in drivehunts. The tests showed that it actually worked!

The “Zoom-in- Distance” is changeable with a simple turning of the “Vergrößerungswechslers”. The lighting unit in the scope is am überlinkenVerstellturm des Mittelrohrs. By pulling on the „turm“ the light turnes on. The light has levels of brightness which can be adjusted by turning the “turm”.

In the dark or in the fast-paced drivehunts the red dot is absolutely perfect. With its help I got my young pig, which came out of a brush with very high speed, but thanks to the red-dot I was able to find my target very fast and followed it with the scope until I eventually killed it. The shot was perfectly positioned and shot excactly were I had aimed.

“Photo 03” Andy and Katerina Malota at the end of a very successful hunt thankfully their new Bushnell Elite 6500 scope.

Das Absehen 4A sitzt in der 2. Bildebene,vergrößert sich dadurch nicht mit.Die schmalenBalken covers less (?!?!?!?!).

The BUSHNELL is definatly worth its price.

With 1199,- Euro it is in the middle price-range of scopes, but in the highest class in concerns of quality, worksmanship and design.


We, Katerina and Andreas Malota would like to thank WILD- Jaeger and BUSHNELL for the great scope, that we defintly will be using at our next hunt.

Weidmannsheil and Lovu Zdar



Overview of Technical Data

BUSHNELL ELITE 6500 ( 1-6,5 x 24 mm )

Austrittspupille:                       24-3,7 mm

Brightness figure:                    4,9 ( 1-fach)- 12,49 (6,5- fach )

Field of sight at 100 m:           35,7 m (1-fach ) , 5,6 m ( 6,5-fach )

Distance between eyes:           105 mm

Dioptrienausgleich:                  _+ 4


per click:                                 1 cm / 100 m

Centerpipediameter:               30 mm

Waterproof:                             30 Minuten bei 1 m Tiefe

Absehen:                                   4A

Leuchtabsehen:                      ja (dimmbar )

Length:                                  260 mm

Weight:                                   500 g

Price:                                         1199,- Euro

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