WILD Jaeger Bowhunting

There are 14 bowhunting legal countries in Europe.

They are: Finland, Åland, Denmark, Estonia, France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia and Greenland.

Our goal is to bowhunt each of these countries and to bowhunt each of the large game species of animals in Europe.

Would you like to join us on our quest? Then you need a bow…

WILD Jaeger is a one stop shop! We have a fully functioning Bow Tuning Station at both of our WILD Jaeger Hunting & Fishing Centers (Vilseck) and (Stuttgart) Germany.

We sell bows, we tune bows and we teach archery at the basic to advanced levels. And when you think you are ready for the challange, we will even organize your bow hunting trip!

Bowhunting Courses offered at the WILD Jaeger Hunting & Fishing Center (Bahnhofstr. 2, 92249 Vilseck) or (Im Vogelsang 21b, 71101 Schönaich):

1. International Bowhunter Education Program (IBEP) Course (Instructed in ENGLISH).

2. Internationaler Bogenjäger Zertifikat Kurs (Auf Deutsch).

3. Advanced Bowhunter Course (ABC), instructed in both ENGLISH & DEUTSCH.

Testimonials: Michael Argauer, 29 July 2016 – “Ich möchte mich bei allen bedanken, die mir dieses Erlebnis ermöglicht haben, da wäre Alois Hofherr der mir mit meiner Ausrüstung half, Ricky Mills der mir diese Möglichkeit geboten hat und zusammen mit Wolfgang Wolf Asen und Ivan Eady Carrascosa mich trainiert haben und wertvolle tipps gegeben haben. Und allen anderen die mich motiviert haben, meinen Traum zufolgen und zu verwirklichen. Ein herzliches Dankeschön.”

Bowhunting in Hungary

By Peter Hochstein Although the Hungarian nation is traditionally an archery-nation, modern archery hunting is only 13 years old in our country. Only 5-10% of the Hungarian hunters use a bow for hunting purposes, which is no more than 3,000-5,000 people. If you want to hunt with a bow, in addition to the hunting license, […]

Bowhunting In Spain

By Pedro Ampuero When deciding their next foreign hunting destination, most bowhunters will think of places like the US, Canada or South Africa. However, there are a wide variety of other destinations to be discovered. That is the case of Spain, a country which offers a wide range of opportunities and a great variety of […]

Bowhunting on the Alandic Islands

By Roger Pettersson Aland (Åland) is a small autonomous region situated in the Baltic Sea between Finland and Sweden with approximately 26,000 people, 30% are hunters. Aland is a part of Finland, but we consider ourselves “Alandics” rather than Finnish. Both hunting and fishing are a great part of our traditions. We have fairly liberal […]