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Aiguiseur Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpeners

Pour en savoir plus sur Laurent et Timothee Boson, rendez-vous sur la page Instagram «hunting_french»: Click this “Link” to read this article in English. Nous sommes deux chasseur collaborateurs français de WILD Jeager. Ils nous envoient depuis l’an dernier des équipements et des produits Work Sharp et nous sommes ici aujourd’hui pour en parler. […]

Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener Review

By Laurent & Timothee Boson, WILD Jaeger (France) Cliquez sur ce “lien” pour lire cet article en français. Learn more about Laurent & Timothee here on their “Hunting French” Instagram page: We are two International Pro Staff members on the WILD Jaeger International Pro Staff Team. We recently received some fantastic Work Sharp gear to test and […]

Summit ”The HEX” Leiterhochsitz

Eine neue und schnelle Art zu jagen. So empfanden es meine Frau und ich vom Team-Malota. Als wir den ”Summit” auspackten , stellten wir fest , aus was für einer massiven Konstruktion er gefertigt wurde. Das Doppel-Schienen-Design aus sechseckigen Rohren bietet höchste Stabilität. Komplett verschraubt kann man eine Standhöhe von 6,5 m erreichen. Diese Höhe […]

Summit “The Hex” Treestand

By Katy and Andy Malota Wild Jaeger Pro Staff (Germany) Lesen Sie diesen Artikel hier auf Deutsch A new and fast way to hunt. That’s what my wife Katy and I have to say about our new Treestand from Summit, here in Germany at Team-Malota. As we unpacked the “Summit” treestand, we noticed instantly how […]

The Combo Knife Sharpener by Work Sharp

When I first received my Combo Knife Sharpener, I had never seen anything like it, or even heard about the company Work Sharp. I was totally blank on expectations and you can really say that I was positively surprised. Klicka här, för att läsa artikeln på svenska My background consists of a variety of different occupations where […]

Combo Knife Sharpener av Work Sharp (svenska)

När jag först fick min Combo Knife Sharpener hade jag aldrig innan sett något liknande, jag hade heller aldrig hört talas om företaget Work Sharp. Jag var helt utan förväntningar, och man kan ju lugnt säga att jag blev positivt överraskad. Min bakgrund består av flera olika yrken där man använder vassa verktyg. Uppvuxen på […]

Hunting in Denmark (Rifle, Shotgun, or Bow )

By Wild Jaeger Pro Staff (Denmark) Rasmus Andersen In Denmark, it’s possible to come visit the country as a Foreigner and go hunting. You can hunt private land with permission of the land owner or you can rent the hunting rights on a specific piece of property or buy an arranged hunt on government land. But […]

The Story of Nightmare

The Story of Nightmare By Dale Kiser, Wild Jaeger Pro Staff (Kentucky) Figure 1 ”Photo” Nightmare back in September of 2014. He never had a name until 2016, the first picture of him was in 2013. He was a 100″ to 110″ -9-point and after I started getting trail camera pictures of him, I said this […]

Work Sharp Tools (Español)

By Ivan Eady Figure 1 ”Photo” Ivan Eady con su Work Sharp Tools Después de ya casi un año usando los productos de la marca work Sharp tools, creo que puedo realizar un pequeño review honesto acerca de los diferentes afiladores que he utilizado este periodo de tiempo. Los modelos utilizados han sido 3, 2 […]

Work Sharp Tools

By Ivan Eady Figure 1 ”Photo” Ivan Eady and his Work Sharp Tools Leer este articulo en espanol AQUI After almost a year of using my Work Sharp Tools, I think I can do an honest review of them. I have been using 3 different models of Work Sharp Tools (2 manual and one electric) […]

Space-Available (Space-A) Travel

By Richie Condon (US Army, Retired) Do you possess an active, or retiree, military ID? Do you like to travel and see different parts of the world? Do you like to hunt different species of game in their native habitat? Well do I have some news for you! I was recently invited to go hunting […]

Spring Black Bear Hunting in Wyoming

By WILD Jaeger Pro Staff  Matt Sturtevant.  Figure 1 “Photo” A trail camera picture from Matt Sturtevant’s Wyoming black bear bait site. Black bear, otherwise known as Ursus Americanus, are curious animals.  They are medium sized in comparison to other bear species and the most widely distributed across the North American continent.  They cover the western […]

WJ Hunting Roe Deer Survey

Wild Jaeger Hunting Roe Deer Survey By Wild Jaeger International Pro Staff, Roger Pettersson Hunting Roe deer (Capreolus capreolus) is a big thing in Europe. The Roe deer is one of the most common deer species all over Europe (and Ursa minor). Some countries have more than others, mainly because of climate differences. One can […]

Moises Torrent and His 2015 Spring Gobbler

Figure 1 “Photo”  WJ Pro Staff (Connecticut)  Moises Torrent with his beautiful 2015 Spring Turkey harvested in Florida. South Florida never disappoints! This bird is my personal best.  His spurs measure (1 5/16″) and beard (10 7/8″) but he weighed in unusually light at 14lbs! He must’ve been”rutted out”. We called in the entire flock […]

An Interview with the 2014 NFAA Indoor/Outdoor National Champion Melissa McBride

Figure 1″Photo” Melissa McBride doing what she does best, shooting archery. 1. It’s been an amazing year for you in archery, what titles did you win? I have had a fantastic 2014 archery season. I won numerous titles and set a few records within two organizations this year. One being the PSAA, which is the […]

Rhoda’s Adventure

By Rhoda Malone Figure 1 “Photo” Rhoda and her very first archery doe, taken with her crossbow in Pennsylvania 2014 I am a stay at home mom of three children (14, 11 & 4) who married an avid outdoorsman. I always wanted to hunt, just didn’t know where to begin. After sharing my desire with […]

2014 Bear Hunt

By: Wild Jaeger Pro Staff Ryan Yaskiw Figure 1 “Photo” Ryan Yaskiw as he prepares to harvest his 2014 Black Bear. This story begins in mid-winter of 2014.  I made plans to film a father/daughter (Jim and April) Black bear hunt on their family farm in May. That hunt was amazing and April took a […]


By Pedro Ampuero Most of the stories people tell are usually about the nice parts of the hunt. Those fond experiences over time are the ones that end up staying in our memories. However, this article aims to tell the other side of the story. This does not mean that there were not endearing moments. […]

Why Are We Here

By Greg Traynor Figure 1 “Photo” Our smartphone, the device we just can’t seem to put down. Why are we hunters? Why do we get so excited about hunting season? Why do we wake up at 4:00AM and drive to the woods? If you are like me, it’s because you love the outdoors and wildlife! […]

Wild Jaeger Changed My Life

By Scott Anderson On January 20, 2012, my journey began. I was in a foreign land where there are many different cultures. I was doing some soul searching and looking for a way to feel more at home. My greatest passions are hunting and being outdoors. I browsed the internet prior to coming over the […]

First Bucks of the Season 2014

First Bucks of the Season 2014 By Péter Hochstein It has become a tradition, that my german business partner and friend Thomas Schneider comes to Hungary to hunt roe bucks. We have already had some great hunts the last few years, so I couldn’t wait to get out in the Revier chasing nice Hungarian roe […]

Turkey Fever: Patterning Your Shotgun

By  Moises Torrent We’ve had a rough winter in New England and spring can’t come soon enough!  Dreams and memories of past turkey hunts begin to flood the brain. With turkey season soon approaching, it’s time to start dusting the cob webs off the decoys, box calls, slates, diaphragms, shotguns, and turkey ammo. You don’t […]

Long Beards with a Bow

By Ryan Yaskiw Figure 1″Photo” Ryan Yaskiw,  Trevor Boake, and Melissa Friestad. This was the first hunt Melissa was ever on. I will be honest; turkey hunting is what you make it.  Lots of turkey hunters here in Manitoba Canada just “wing” it, often shooting birds just after they jump off the roost.  Or by […]

Five Spring Turkey Hunting Tips

By The Pro Staff at WILD Jaeger  In North America, Turkey season will be starting soon and if you are like our Pro-Staff at WILD Jaeger, you are already dreaming of giant spring gobblers. It has been a very long winter and everyone is anxious to get into the woods and do some hunting. However, […]

My Favorite Hunt of 2013

We asked two of our WILD Jaeger Pro-Staff members recently “What was your favorite hunt in 2013?” Here are their answers and as you can see, they are both proud of the experiences. By Wayne Davis Figure 1 “Photo” Wayne Davis and his son, spending some quality father son time in their ground blind. My […]

2013 Turkey Hunt

By Austin Young Figure 1 “Photo” 16 year old Austin Young and his 2013 Spring Gobbler taken in South Western Pennsylvania. The buzzer on my alarm clock rang early the opening morning of 2013 Pennsylvania turkey season. I had been waiting for this day and it was finally here. In 2012, I called in my […]

The Dream

The Dream By Christie Bonniwell Everyone who hunts has “the dream” of harvesting that perfect animal, the one that they can brag about and everyone talks about afterward. I have had “the dream” since I started hunting at the age of 13. I always saw pictures of the big bucks that people harvested and could […]

Hare and Pheasant Hunt in Törtel, Hungary

Hare and pheasant hunt in Törtel, Hungary   By Peter Hochstein, WJ International Pro Staff Hungary Figure 1 “Photo” Peter Hochstein after a successful hare hunt in Hungary. Hungary is not only famous for its huge red stags and roe bucks, but in the plain areas you’ll find big populations of the most common small […]

Just Like We Planned, Almost

By Stephen Reed To coin one of my all-time favorite movie catch phrases, I love it when a plan comes together! That’s exactly how I felt as I stood with pride outside the blind, looking up the hill into the well eaten food plot, at the doe lying there taking a dirt nap. Tyler was […]

Everything Went Right Until Everything Went Wrong

Everything Went Right Until Everything Went Wrong By Lindsay Schmeltz Figure 1 (Photo) Wild Jaeger Pro Staff Lindsay Schmeltz Does this sound familiar to anyone right now? After thirty days of hunting, I had seen my share of deer, but not the deer I was after. I was hunting an area used as a traveling […]

Archery Mule Deer Close to Home

By Dason  Lasater I leaned forward and peaked around the last sage bush very slowly. If my planning and calculations were correct, I should be able to see the big buck any step now, or half a step as the case was. I eased forward six inches at a time, primed and ready for a […]

Are You Ready?

By Greg Traynor As summer comes to a close, I find myself constantly thinking about the first day of archery season. I guess you could call it an obsession. Figure 1 “Photo” Greg Traynor in full camo in his Action TrackChair, archery hunting. I like to call myself a bow hunter and not an archer. […]

Early Season Scouting

By Jason “Wildman” Hutcheson With archery season right around the corner, I find myself sitting on different job locations looking out in the crop fields for deer. I started scouting the first week of August and will continue till the 2nd week of September. There are many advantages to scouting, but some disadvantages as well. […]

Austin’s Buck

By Austin Young My name is Austin Young.  Hunting has always been a huge passion and obsession for me, beginning around the age of six. I have been hunting for almost 10 years now and am about to turn sixteen.  Although I could talk about fifty or more hunting encounters, my proudest moment as a […]

Broadheads, Fixed or Mechanical

By Jason (The Wildman) Hutcheson Ohio Pro-Staff member and Mark Wiskerke, a WILD Jaeger International Pro Staff member For years now, there has been a battle over which broadheads work the best, fixed blade or mechanical heads.  With all the broadheads on the market today, there are 3 important questions you should be asking. Are […]

Do It Even Though You’re Afraid!

By  Angie Arthur Figure 1 “Photo” Wild Jaeger Pro Staff Angie Arthur I always wanted to learn how to shoot long range, but never had the guts or the opportunity to attend a school. I had checked into the various schools and found that they were rather expensive, and from the pictures I seen there […]

A LOOK BACK AT THE 2012 Season

By Jason (The WildMan) Hutcheson It was opening day of the 2012-2013 deer season and I was at work. I sat in the truck playing back the perfect scenario in my mind. A monster buck chasing a doe 20 yards from my stand. Of course, it had stopped to give me the perfect 20 yard […]

The End of Spring Turkey Season 2013

We would like to congratulate all of the hunters who successfully tagged a spring gobbler in the 2013 season! Here are a few photographs of some Wild Jaeger Team members who managed to take a spring gobbler. Now that Turkey season is almost over here in the United States, we can soon turn our attention […]

Hunting With a Disability

My name is Greg Traynor and I am a hunter with a disability. In 1999, at the age of 31, I had a diving accident. As a result, I am paralyzed from the chest down with limited arm movement. I use a power wheelchair for mobility, adapted hunting equipment and a service dog. Of course, […]

A Father’s Dream Hunt

By Charles Moore It’s always a great feeling when you raise a young man to appreciate God’s words and his great outdoors. Levi asked me again today, how many days till I can go turkey hunting? I told him it starts tomorrow morning son. I got dressed and went to roost the turkeys. They flew […]

The First Roe

  When someone is taken out of their culture and their comfort zone, they look for familiar things that make them feel comfortable. This helps to ease their apprehension with living in new surroundings. When I moved to Germany in September 2009, I searched for the local hunting community. I had read about the different […]

Bowhunting in Hungary

By Peter Hochstein Although the Hungarian nation is traditionally an archery-nation, modern archery hunting is only 13 years old in our country. Only 5-10% of the Hungarian hunters use a bow for hunting purposes, which is no more than 3,000-5,000 people. If you want to hunt with a bow, in addition to the hunting license, […]

Highlands of Scotland, Management Hunt

By Adrian Banks Once again it was that time of year when I went up to the Highlands of Scotland for an all important and vital hunt, culling red hinds.   It was the end of October and my 4×4 was packed with all the essential gear, rifle in .308 calibre, ammo, binoculars, camo and a […]

Drive Hunt in South-East Hungary

By Peter Hochstein   In Hungary winter time is traditionally the season for drive hunts in the big game areas of the country.  2012 was the third year that we organized a drive hunt with the hunting group where my parents are members. As in previous years, we invited a few good fellows to spend […]

Flip Flop Doe

By Lindsay Bedwell Schmeltz We bought our property in the summer of 2007. It was a bank repossession that we got for what at the time, seemed like a steal. What we ended up buying was actually five acres of low quality ground, no mature timber, a house that was falling in, two garages that […]

Tundra Adventure

By Dason Lasater The beads of sweat ran down my forehead stinging my eyes with their salty touch. My fingers were doing their best impersonation of wiper blades trying desperately to keep the salty invaders from blocking any possible visual cue of my target. I continued uphill as fast as I possibly could. My intended […]

Wild Boar and Mouflon Hunt November 2012

By Peter Hochstein In November, an old friend invited me to hunt for wild boar and mouflon ram in northeast Hungary. The hunting territory was located in the heart of the mountains of Mátra and Bükk. Both mountains had a huge population of red deer, wild boar and mouflon. The first evening, we were sitting […]

One Great Year

By Stephen Reed The 2009 deer season will stand out in my memory till the day I die! Not only did I kill my biggest firearm buck to date, but I started several great friendships. One in particular will last as long as the memory of that great season. I hadn’t been hunting in a […]

A Very Special Wildschwein

By Mike Rundell Finally a clear evening, a great weather forecast and a full moon, the perfect storm was building for a great evening of Wildschwein hunting.  It was Wednesday the 1st of August and the Reh rut was in full gear. However, I was more interested in the Wildschwein running around our hunting area. After […]

Blattzeit on the Plains of Hungary: A good Roe deer call is a must have

By Robert (Doc) Mann It was 0400 am, I had just woke up from a short night’s sleep and was getting ready to go out on a morning hunt at 0430 am. After a cup of coffee, I geared up (Rifle Blaser 93, Cal. 6.5X 55 Swiss, with Leupold VX-3 scope, bino’s and laser range […]

Fifteen Minutes to Becoming an Expert Hunter

By Craig Foreman Most seasoned hunters are well aware of the joys and disappointments of a successful harvest. But, if you are just starting out or considering taking up hunting, because it looked like fun on an overpriced DVD (to have 15 kill shots in 25 minutes) then read on. Everybody has to start somewhere. […]

Hunting Marksmanship in the Hills and Mountains

By Kyle Shaffer As I peered over the edge of the shelf on the side of Pyramid Mountain, I found what I had been looking for. My plan worked, I was finally above the orange colored Sitka Blacktail Buck that we had seen from below two hours earlier.  He had only fled around the side […]

Hunting tales from the Dark Continent – “The Warthog that wasn’t supposed to be mine”.

By  Michael Boehme Figure-1 “Photo” Michael and his son Danny, with his trophy warthog. The day before this hunt, we hunted Ostriches for an African farmer on the southern edge of the Kalahari Desert who had too many ostriches.  Nasty creatures – covered with black flies the size of watermelon seeds – – – but […]

Karakoram, The Hunt for Ibex

By Pedro Ampuero My Dad and I started our hunt in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. We drove along the Karakoram highway for three full days. It was a 14 hour drive to Chilas, 12 more hours to Skardu, and after 9 more hours we finally arrived to Hushe. This was going to be our home […]

The World’s Best Hunting Partner

By Yancy Chandler Note from the Author: Daddy, I am grateful for everything you taught me and I hope that I will be able to give my son everything you gave me. Happy Father’s Day to you and all the fathers across the world! Figure 1 “Photo” One of many hunts my Dad and I […]

Mule Deer Disappointment

By Matt Sturtevant Hunting has been a passion of mine my entire life. I was raised on Maine Whitetails. My success rate was pretty standard for a flat lander, harvesting one doe over the course of 11 years. I was used to the cold, being patient, and little chance of even spotting deer. By the […]

The Quest continues to harvest a Spring Gobbler

By Greg Traynor This year I again had the pleasure to go hunting with my brother John and two great friends, Chris and Guy. The quest started this year on Monday, May 14th 2012.  My family loaded my action track chair after work onto my 4×6 trailer. Of course it was raining while we loaded […]

Accessible Spring Turkey Hunt 2011

By Greg Traynor My name is Greg Traynor and I am a person with a disability. In 1999, I broke my neck at the C4/C5 vertebrae and became paralyzed from the chest down in a diving accident. I use an adapted gun brace and adapted crank trigger for hunting. I have limited arm movement and […]

Hunting in Finland

By Roger Pettersson Finland borders Russia to the east and Sweden to the west and stretches approximately 1200 km North/South and about 600 km wide East/West. This makes up for a total of 338,145 square kilometers of pristine nature. Finland is also known for its abundance of lakes which offers an exceptional water fowl environment […]

Eating Nettles (Brennesseln essen)

By Ricky Mills Many people associate the nettle plant with pain, when it makes contact with your skin, as you are walking through a particularly moist section of woods on a hike, camping or hunting trip. Not many people would even consider putting this plant in their mouth and would rather stay as far away […]

Turkey Hunting with Tyler

By Stephen Reed As temperatures rose inching higher in anticipation of spring, my 8 year old son, Tyler, started talking about his first turkey hunt. I had purchased a Remington 870 Wingmaster in 20 gauge the previous fall, so his gun and ground blind were ready to go. His camo was washed and folded just […]

This Year In Review (2011-12 Ohio deer season)

By Craig Foreman This year is my second season to hunt in Ohio. Last year I was able to tag a little four point on the property that my wife’s family owns and allows me to hunt. There is an old farm house that is uninhabited yet fully livable where we frequently stay on weekends. […]

A First Timer’s Elk (Wapiti) Hunt

  By: Laura Heinrichs Where: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Last year, I had the pleasure of being drawn for an elk/moose archery tag. As an archery applicant I was able to enter the draw as a single hunter, whereas applicants for general seasons must apply in pairs. I wasn’t sure what my chances of being drawn […]

My First Roe Deer

By Kyle Shaffer When someone is taken out of their culture, their comfort zone, they look for things familiar to them that make them feel better about their surroundings and ease their apprehension about living someplace new. Upon moving to Germany in September 2009, I searched for the local hunting community. I had read about […]

Bowhunting In Spain

By Pedro Ampuero When deciding their next foreign hunting destination, most bowhunters will think of places like the US, Canada or South Africa. However, there are a wide variety of other destinations to be discovered. That is the case of Spain, a country which offers a wide range of opportunities and a great variety of […]

DEER CAMP – Home Sweet Home for the Hunter

By Yancy Chandler I wrote this little piece about three years ago. Our lease was almost bought by the US Military due to the expansion of Fort Polk Army Base, Louisiana. When mornings become cool and summer turns to fall, the leaves start to change. And once again, opening day of deer season is not […]

Hunting Antelope In Idaho

By Dason Lasater My stepson Ryan and I received the good news that we were drawn for Antelope tags in June. From that point on, we prepared for a desert Antelope hunt. I prefer to hunt unguided and on public ground as much as possible, so this hunt perfectly fit the bill. We live in Idaho, which has […]

The World At My Feet

By Amy Hern If you’re looking for a story about the conquests of mountain peaks or the chase of big trophy game across continents, this is not it. This is just a simple story of a girl who dared to dream and to venture into the horizons of her sights. I was born in Kuala […]

Opening Weekend

By Stephen Reed This year’s hunting season came with mixed emotions. I wasn’t sure how to start without my brother. I was really excited about the new property and the chance to hunt with my son and nephew. It’s been trying at times and rewarding at others, but a good year so far. I leased […]

An Indiana Archery Buck

By Lindsay Schmeltz After the first 3 weeks of early archery season in Indiana, I started to wonder if this would be another disappointing year. My stand was set up on a few hundred acres of field. There was a small, 10 acre strip of woods that ran the entire property from north to south […]

Bowhunting on the Alandic Islands

By Roger Pettersson Aland (Åland) is a small autonomous region situated in the Baltic Sea between Finland and Sweden with approximately 26,000 people, 30% are hunters. Aland is a part of Finland, but we consider ourselves “Alandics” rather than Finnish. Both hunting and fishing are a great part of our traditions. We have fairly liberal […]

Family Traditions

By Stephen Reed One of the greatest joys of hunting for me is to introduce the sport to new hunters of all ages and genders, but nothing is quite as special as when it’s family. This year was extra special. It was the second year I took my son Tyler out, plus I had the […]


By Mat Sturtevant Elk hunting has been a passion of mine for the last 4 years and by passion, I mean total obsession. In 2008, on a whim, I began elk hunting again. Originally a whitetail hunter from Maine, I dropped out of the sport after only harvesting one dear (a doe) in 12 years. […]

Memories and Expectations

By Stephen Reed This year I lost my brother Scott Smith. He was more than my brother, he was my best friend and my hunting partner. It’s been a rough year to say the least, my brother Scott and I have known each other since we were 7 years old. We were born two months […]

A Dog Named Jäger (Jaeger)

By Nicholas Oliver When I arrived at combined Armed Forces installation Lewis-McCord in Washington State in early summer this year, I immediately thought of hunting in Europe. After having an open hunting season throughout the summer months there, being in the US was a transition to say the least. I could hardly wait to get […]

Sometimes, You Just Gotta Hunt!

By Stephen Reed This weekend I was supposed to move stands and set up ground blinds on my property in Southern Missouri. I made plans to meet a buddy who was in town from Indiana. We planned to pick up a ladder stand I left on some public ground last year and move it to […]

My First German Rehbock

By Barry Parsons I could not be happier with my first Rehbock (Roe Deer buck) harvested in Germany. The bock was 3 to 4 years old weighing 17.5 kilos with a very atypical set of antlers, one side 5 cm long and the other barely 2 cm long. The taking of this buck fits into […]

My First Fallow

By Chris Norris It was late July and I was hunting over a 20 acre wheat field. It had been raining all day, not a heavy rain, just a very light drizzle. I got to the stand early like I always do. I took my gear out of my rucksack and removed my gun sling, […]

Taking the Kids Hunting

By Henry Browning  At about 1830 on 3 July 2011, my daughter (Lorelai) and I left home, heading to the closest patch of forest that might reveal a few interesting critters. We grabbed our camo rain gear, video as well as my still camera and headed about a half a mile past the Graf Sports […]

The Hunt I Want

By John Clark As hunters we all measure success in different ways. There is a fairly broad, almost universal “process” that hunters go through. In the beginning any deer will do. After that, we want more deer, any size big or small. We are not looking for quality trophy deer, quantity is what matters. We […]

Black Bear Hunting in Remote Locations – What you need to know…

By Chris Yasher Figure 1 “Photo” Chris Yasher on his remote Canadian black bear hunt. Introduction You have done your research and called references, spoke to friends and watched all the shows.  You have decided this is the year that you will spend the money that you have been hiding away in the hopes that […]

Hunting in Africa for Blesbok

By Robert Hembrook In 2009, while hunting in South Africa, I took a Springbok and my next target was a Blesbok. At 70 kilos, a Blesbok is a step up from a Springbok. They are purplish brown all over, with white bellies and a very distinctive white blaze on their face, which is what gives them […]

Hunting Africa for Springbok

By Robert Hembrook When hunting in Africa, it is always good to start out with something small, easy and plentiful. Springbok hunting certainly fills this need.  Springbok are plentiful and they make a challenging target. Males are around 70-87cm (28-34 inches) high and weigh 33-50 kg (75-100 lbs), similar to the diminutive, overpopulated whitetails of […]

My First Rehwild (Roe Deer) Hunt

By Robert Hembrook In November 2006, I took the hunter’s safety course in Heidelberg, Germany.  Time and circumstances kept me from hunting until fall 2008. I took a couple trips to Grafenwoehr and Hohenfels to hunt Rehwild (Roe Deer).  My first hunt was on a private Revier near Grafenwoehr. Despite a good setup, we just […]

A passion for the Hunt

By Nicholas Oliver The 2011 Rehwild (Roe deer) hunting season got off with a bang for me. I had the opportunity to attend a guided hunt conducted by one of the leading outfitters in Hungary. I felt that excitement and anxiousness that builds up inside me each year as it gets closer to the first […]

Hunting Turkeys in the Jungle

By Henry Browning Figure 1 “Photo” A Kuna Indian tribe village in the jungles of Panama, South America. Kuna grass, black  palm, triple canopy, and bushmaster vipers aren’t exactly what you think of  when one thinks of hunting turkey. But if you are in the Darien Province of the  Republic of Panama, you might need to […]

Wild Garlic (Bärlauch)

By Ricky Mills Wild onions, garlic, chives, mushrooms and the leaves of many plants can be used in a variety of recipes. April is Bärlauch (Wild Garlic) season in Germany, coinciding annually with the weather getting better and many people starting to get out and about in the woods. This wild garlic grows mainly on the shady […]

The Boar Hunter is Born, Part II

By Chris Norris After completing Infantry Basic Training at Fort Benning, Georgia, I was one of four lucky soldiers that got the privilege of being shipped overseas. With orders for Baumholder, Germany I hit the ground running and got the lay of the land. I immediately signed up for the next hunting course, 10 weeks […]

Calling in Your First Turkey

By Ricky Mills The day you call in your first turkey, and finish the deal, is a special day in the life  and development of hunting as a hobby, sport or profession. I have hunted  turkeys since the spring of 2000 and can tell you that one of the keys to  success is mental preparation […]

The Golden BB

By John MacCallum While growing up in Central NY, near Syracuse, in a small town called Elbridge, there was nothing to do except  go to school,  play sports and oh yeah hunt. And hunt we did! There was a set of railroad tracks right next to my house. They were about one hundred fifty yards […]

A Boar Hunter is born

By Chris Norris Figure 1 “Photo” Chris Norris is an accomplished Boar hunter after many years of trial and error. I remember how cold it was sitting in my stand; it was the kind of cold that passes right through the layers of your clothing and into the core of your body. It was at […]


By Robert (Doc) Mann It was 6 February 2011 and I had just gotten out of bed. I had a smile on my face because I was getting ready to go hunting. 0600 in the morning and I was preparing to leave home to go to the meeting location of a social hunt. We would […]

European Social Hunts: The game is plentiful and rich with tradition!

By Robert (Doc) Mann As the European hunting season comes to an end each year, Revier holders review the level of success achieved in the management of the game population (Harvest /Abschuess plan) within their respective hunting land. The directors of State and Federal forest land also conduct the same review, to determine if the […]

Hunting from a Women’s View

By Christie Bonniwell I can still remember the first time my dad took me hunting. The excitement of getting up early and waving good bye to my mom as we pulled out of the driveway, I felt like such a grown up! I listened eagerly to my dad explain everything with anticipation and excitement of […]

Sika Deer Hunting

By Christie Bonniwell There it was again, the high shrill of a bugle.  It was not a deep bugle so it had to be a younger Sika stag.   I hear the splashing of something crossing the water. Anxiously I wait, looking for movement in the brush.  Finally the brush starts moving, I start shaking, and […]

Hunting on the Edge

By Robert Mann The Hunting trip started on 8 October 2011 in a forest on the Germany/Czechoslovakia (CZ) Border with a party of six hunters. We had all gathered to hunt Sika deer, Roe deer and wild boar. We hunted hard for three days, through rain, high winds and cold temperatures. On the last day […]

A Bear Hunt With Friends

By John MacCallum Hunting is a great way to stay in touch with friends. I have been an active duty Navy Seabee for 18 years now and have moved around the country quite a bit. We have made many friends both military and civilian everywhere we go. Staying in touch with friends and finding new […]

A Late Season Idaho buck

By Dason Lasater Sweat ran down my back as I made my way almost to the top of the ridge through the tall moist grass and brush. I knew the buck was close and I knew the only way I would get an acceptable shot with my bow was to find him before he saw […]

The Hunting Horn

The Hunting Horn – By Erich Held   Audio Samples Horn Sample 1 – Sammeln des Jaegers (Gather the Hunters) Horn Sample 2 – Rehwild Tot (Deer Dead) Horn Sample 3 – Fuchs Tot (Fox Dead) Horn Sample 4 – Auf, Auf zum Fröhlich Jagen (On to Happy Hunting)   The sounds of the hunting horns (Jagd Horns) have […]

Elk Hunt to the Max

Elk Hunt to the Max – By Dason Lasater I summon all the air I am able to for one last high pitched piercing bugle. As we have done so many times this season, Jeff and I hold absolutely still, hardly breathing, hoping to hear a response. Our silence is rewarded with a faint barely […]