Amy Hern (Idaho)

Amy Hern, WILD Jaeger Pro Staff and Photographer, grew up with her parents, brother and sister in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, where she was born. She remembers a childhood life of running around in her grand-parents backyard farm, chasing ducks and chickens, and being chased by geese herself. She explored the oil palm plantation near her grand-parents’ home with the neighbors’ kids, playing hide and seek in the tall ferns. Amy never grew up hunting or fishing but recalls an uncle, who passed early, who hunted small game.

Figure 1 “Photo” Amy Hern

After her grand-parents passed away, she never set foot in the country side again. But her childhood love for the outdoors smoldered deep inside her soul. Her soul searching brought her to Northern Idaho in 1998. Married to a man who was a pilot, Amy experienced plenty of fly-in camping in the wilderness of Idaho.

Amy chose to remain in Northern Idaho after her husband passed away. She taught herself how to fish with a spin rod and explored the mountains around her with her two dogs and a camera in hand. When she went elk hunting for the first time with some co-workers in 2008 she was hooked, and has never looked back. Since then Amy has hunted elk, whitetail deer, mule deer, bear, wild turkey, and grouse. Amy harvested her first whitetail deer in 2010. She finds herself complete in the outdoors with a camera, a rifle, or a fishing rod in her hand.

Figure 2 “Photo” Amy Hern with her first Whitetail deer that she harvested in Idaho, Fall 2010.

Amy had helped with a non-profit greyhound rescue organization in the years that she was married, and in recent years, volunteered her time at the local Sheriff’s department. Amy also spends a lot of her time exploring the mountains and taking pictures, and has recently picked up on fly fishing with the help of a good friend. She was given her first fly rod as an encouragement for her to venture into the world of fly fishing! Amy never looked back…

Figure 3 “Photo” Amy Hern trying out fly fishing on the St. Joe River in Idaho.


States hunted:

Idaho and Washington

Animals taken:

Whitetail Deer and Moose

Preferred Method:

Bolt action rifle