Bo Stout (Germany)

Bo C. Stout grew up in Baxter, Tennessee.  When he was 8 years old, he started hunting squirrels with his Uncle and Grandpa. Raised on rabbit and squirrel hunting, he started chasing whitetails with a bow at 10 years old.

Over the years, he has hunted in nine states pursuing Whitetail Deer, Elk, Wild Boar, Black Bear, Alligator, Spanish Goat and Mouflon Sheep.  Two of his most memorable hunts occurred in Hawaii and Florida respectively.  In Hawaii, he hunted Wild Boar with local Hawaiians using only a knife!  In Florida, he was luck enough to be selected for an Alligator tag and was able to bring home a 10 footer!

Bo introduced his kids to hunting when they were 10 years old.  He has also introduced several adults and their children to hunting.  He tries to learn new skills anytime he meets a fellow hunter.  He loves teaching others hunting skills he has acquired and stresses on all hunts that a successful hunt is one where new friends are made, existing friendships are strengthened and hunting partners are made for life.  After all, there is nothing quite like a wood burning stove in a one room cabin, with an outhouse nearby, being shared by 4 hunting buddies!


Figure 2 “Photo” Bo Stout with his North Florida Alligator that was 10 ½ foot long and weighed approximately 375 pounds.



States hunted

Tennessee, Florida, Alabama, Missouri, Colorado, Texas, Arkansas, Hawaii and Alaska

Countries Hunted

United States and Germany

Animals taken

Whitetail Deer, Elk, Black Bear, Wild Boar, Spanish Goat, Mouflon Sheep, Axis Deer, Alligator and Small Game

Preferred Method

Black Powder