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Work Sharp Tools Gear Review

By Laurent Boson

We recently received some fantastic Work Sharp gear to test and review. We were immediately impressed with the quality of the equipment and found these knife sharpening tools to be very useful for anyone in the outdoor community.

WILD Game of the Month

Roe Deer (Capreolus Capreolus)

Hungary is the number one country to hunt the Roe Deer and many European hunters will hunt this deer in their own back yards in Germany and other European countries their entire life, only to pay a lot of money to travel to Hungary at least one time in their lives to hunt the infamous Hungarian Roe Deer! If your thinking about traveling to Europe to hunt this game, a trip to Hungary while your in Europe is a must.

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WILD Jaeger is a 100% American Veteran owned Limited Liability Company (LLC) based out of New Jersey. Ricky Mills and John MacCallum are working hard to “Connect the Global Hunting Community” and in that effort have Franchised 2 x Hunting & Fishing Centers in Germany. WILD Jaeger is also now an International Pro Staff representing quality hunting products in Europe. We are using our Social Media networking tools (WILD Jaeger Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Twitter), as well as in store sales of the hunting products we represent here in Germany.

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Welcome to WILD Jaeger! Where you can find information regarding tested hunting products and vetted hunting trips for your next hunt. Since 2010, our International Pro Staff has been providing insight that can guide you on your next once-in-a-lifetime hunting trip. You can rely on our Team to connect you to the Global Hunting Community.

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WILD Jaeger conducts hunting, photography, videography and produces advertisements for its website, social media page and video production in support of our hunting product sponsor/partner companies in order to market those brands/products to the global hunting community and raise awareness of those quality American hunting products in Europe.

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