John Clark (North Carolina)

John Clark grew up hunting and fishing in Florida with his dad and an uncle. Florida boasts some pretty fair hunting for everything from alligators and hogs to whitetail deer and turkeys and fishing that is truly superb.

Figure 1 “Photo” John Clark

John has hunted whitetails in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, North and South Carolina, New York, New Jersey and Kentucky. His biggest whitetail to date is a 230 lb., 9 pointer that scored 135 inches. He has taken hogs, deer, turkeys, and a variety of small game. He is half-way to a turkey grand-slam with an Osceola and an Eastern bird to his credit. In addition to completing the slam, he hopes to someday hunt elk in Idaho, whitetails in Kansas and anything in British Columbia. In an effort to pursue his passion for hunting, John hunts with bow, muzzleloader, and modern firearms.

John and his wife, Gina, moved their family to North Carolina in May of 2003 where he continues to pursue a variety of game animals. John’s passion for recruiting others into the hunting fraternity began with his own children; two sons and a daughter, and has continued through the years to include extended family, friends and, recently, his son-in-law. He has 5 grandchildren, whom he is eager to introduce to hunting and fishing.

Figure 2 “Photo” John Clark with his son-in-law (Kyle Jensen) after Kyle’s successful black-powder hunt in North Carolina.  John spends alot of his time, now adays, hunting and mentoring the youth and young adult members of his family and friends in and around his property in North Carolina.