Richie Condon (Delaware)

Ralph (Richie) Condon, better known as Richie, was born and raised in Sussex County Delaware. He grew up with three siblings, two sisters and a brother. Richie went into the Army straight after high school. After 17 years in the Military he was medically retired. Since being retired, Richie and his wife decided to build a house and raising their three boys in Delaware.

Richie never grew up fishing or hunting but at the age of 19, when he harvested his first deer, he was hooked. Richie has always enjoyed the outdoors. While growing up he was very involved in sports. Today he is still the same. He would prefer to be outside hunting, camping, surf fishing, fresh water fishing or just watching one of his three boys playing.

Hunting is truly Richie’s passion. Richie’s favorite game to hunt is the whitetail deer. He wants to eventually have the opportunity to hunt red stag, elk, bear and moose. Since his interest in hunting started, he has expressed an interest and knowledge for growing food plots, and videoing hunts.

Richie has always been a person that loves to help others. In the past, Richie has been a soldier, a fireman, a rescue diver and an Emergency Medical Technician. Presently, he has become the VP of Veteran Relations, with Hunter’s Helping Soldiers. This position entails finding disabled and/or combat veterans, and exposing them to all types of different hunting and/or fishing adventures.


Figure 2 “Photo” Richie Condon with a Florida Wild Boar.

Figure 3 “Photo” Richie runs his own page on a social networking site called “Cross Pistols Hunting”. Click his logo picture to jump over and take a look.



Countries Hunted


States Hunted

Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Florida, Kentucky and New Jersey

Animals taken

Whitetail Deer, Sika Deer, Wild Turkey, Wild Boar, Waterfowl Fowl, Upland Birds, Elk and Mouflon

Preferred Method

Modern Archery