Robert Hicks (Georgia)

Robert (Bobby) Hicks grew up in Prince Georges’ County, Maryland. He always enjoyed spending time in the great outdoors; but did not start hunting till he was in his early 30 while in
the US ARMY stationed in Savannah Ga.

Figure 1 “Photo” Robert (Bobby) Hicks

Bobby didn’t harvest his first animal till he was 34 years old (a wild pig with his bow). Since then, Bobby has come to enjoy not only the time in the woods but he also now enjoys watching and recording animals in their natural environment.

Over the last 14 years his hunting experiences have given him the opportunity to harvest small game and large game including, but not limited to, waterfowl, geese, whitetail deer and wild hogs. Last year Bobby started his latest “Fun thing to do!”, dove hunting!

Figure 2 “Photo” Bobby Hicks with a Whitetail deer that he harvested.

Bobby enjoys spending time in the woods with his young children, teaching them about the animals and the wilderness. Over the years he has been able to spend time teaching and experiencing the first hunts of many friends.