Wayne Davis (Maryland)

Wayne grew up in central New York; he started hunting as soon at his parents bought him his first bow and arrow.  He then graduated to a pellet gun and began hunting squirrels with some success.  At 15 he picked up a compound bow and after many hours in the stand and passing on many does he finally connected with his first buck, a respectable six pointer.   After that he spent many hours in the field hunting woodchucks, squirrels, rabbits, turkeys, and grouse after school.  During the upstate New York winters he would, at times, put on the cross country skies or snow shoes to hunt in the snow.  In the summers, Wayne would spend time in the numerous streams, lakes and ponds catching trout, bullheads, bass and panfish.

Figure 1 “Photo” Wayne Davis with a whitetail deer that he harvested on his own property in Maryland, USA.

He soon realized that the outdoors was his passion and decided that he would pursue a degree in Wildlife/Fisheries biology.  He attended Frostburg State University in the mountains of Western Maryland where he could play football, lacrosse, and get a Wildlife/Fisheries degree.  He soon discovered the numerous trout streams in the mountains of Maryland and West Virginia. He assisted graduate students in electroshocking and seining the streams to collect fish for their research.  It was there he learned about the intricate and delicate mountain stream ecosystem.

Wayne has also hunted caribou in northern Canada and after a long week of hiking the tundra finally caught up with and harvested two caribou many miles from camp.  With help from friends he finally packed out the animals.  After a bath in the 50 degree F water it was time to fish where he was able to catch several lake trout and pickerel.  Canadian surf and turf was
then cooked and served.

Wayne and two friends also packed his truck on a whim and headed to the Colorado Rocky Mountains to hunt elk and mule deer. With limited knowledge, money, or resources the group pitched tents and asked locals where the animals were located. Unfortunately the group never connected with any animals, but during the days Wayne put some of his college experience to work and caught numerous wild brook trout in the nearby streams.

Wayne met his future wife, Lynn, while on a white water rafting trip on the Youghiogheny River in Pennsylvania.  He soon found that they shared the same love of the outdoors and conservation, Lynn graduated with a Masters in Marine Biology.  They eventually married and spent their honeymoon in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.  They camped and mountain biked through the Colorado Rockies fishing numerous streams along the way.

Wayne eventually bought a piece of property in Maryland with abundant oak trees and a small trout stream.   He spends the fall bow and gun hunting on his property, practicing quality deer management passing on small bucks in hopes to harvest a mature buck. He continues to hunt every deer and turkey season in New York and spends a week in the Adirondack Mountains, New York catching largemouth and smallmouth bass with his family.  This is where his four year old daughter caught her first largemouth bass.

Figure 2 “Photo” Wayne Davis with a nice Turkey harvested in New York and a Caribou that he harvested in northern Canada.