Providing Information About Superior Hunting Products

WILD Jaeger conducts hunting adventures, captures photos and produces videos to advertise our partner companies Brands and Products. These marketing materials are used in websites, social media pages, and video productions in order to reach a greater hunting community worldwide. At the same time, we provide information and educational materials to the hunting community, regarding the best available American products that can be found in Europe today.

Who We Are

Representing The Best Brands In The Hunting Industry

We have an international pro staff with 54 members who speak 16 languages. This team represents both North American and European hunting products in the European market of hunting product advertisement, marketing, and sales. Some of the companies we have partnered with include:

  • Moultrie
  • Remington 
  • Summit
  • FoxPro
  • Code Blue

You can rely on us to represent products in a culturally sensitive way. We also make sure that our clients get the most out of their international marketing budget.

Leading the Trade Shows in Europe

With Europe being the premier market that expands the hunting product sales today, we take pride in representing items from our company’s sponsors and partners. We are a leader at trade shows on the continent. Do not miss the opportunity that we can provide for your company and hunting products. You may find us at:

  • IWA OutdoorClassics in Nürnberg, Germany (every first weekend of March)
  • Die Hohe Jagd & Fischerei in Salzburg, Austria
  • Jagd & Hund in Dortmund, Germany

Educating Hunters World Wide

We believe that wild game differs in other countries, but the call of the wild is still the same!

With our social media accounts, we are able to educate Hunters/Jagers around the world about the many hunting opportunities available to them. We can advise hunters on where and with whom they can accomplish their hunting goals.

Reaching the Global Hunting Community

Using YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, we expand our ability to reach hunting enthusiasts all over the world. These social media sites have also become avenues for us to represent quality hunting products. This has also become a necessity to establish credibility and legitimacy in the field, in our WILD Jaeger Hunting and Fishing Centers, and throughout online sales.

Helping Hunters Choose The Best Equipment and Services

Our website is gaining popularity every day as more international groups of professional hunters look for additional information about hunting in North America and Europe. You can find a wide selection of top-quality products that we highly recommend.

WILD Jaeger Motto and Key Statements

Representing The Best Brands in The Hunting Industry

  • It’s About Sharing Global Hunting Experiences and Opening Up Global Hunting Opportunities, Because Wild Game Differs in Other Countries, but the Call of the Wild Is Still the Same!
  • Connecting the Global Hunting Community
  • Where Is Your Wild?
  • “Train As You Hunt and Hunt As You Train!”
  • Let’s Go Hunting!

You can rely on us to represent products in a culturally sensitive way. We also make sure that our clients get the most out of their international marketing budget.

What the Men and Women of WILD Jaeger Stand For

An Appreciation for Nature (the Desire to Protect It and Safeguard It for
Future Generations)

  1. The Habitat First for Without Habitat We Have No Game
  2. The Animals That Live Within the Habitat

A Passion for the Sport of Hunting

  1. Our Chosen Past Time/Hobby Gone Wild!
  2. A “Safety First” Approach Toward Aggressive Hunting
  3. The Desire to Pass On Tradition to Future Generations
  4. The Will to Move Forward and Apply Energy Toward That Desire

Put Forward a Positive Image for Others to See and Interpret

  1. Know and Do the Right Things at the Right Times (All the Time)
  2. Enforce Regulations at All Levels (Set the Example for Others to Follow)

Stand Up for and Protect Our Hunting Rights and Traditions

  1. Support Organizations That Exist and Do This Already
  2. Ensure Our Organization Does the Same

What Sets Us Apart

Living in the continents and countries that you want to influence, we always make sure to uphold cultural sensitivity. We are knowledgeable about both North American and European viewers and potential customers, which means double customer base.

Our pro staff hunts multiple species in 365 days every year. These include two deer species namely, White-Tailed Deer (for September to December) and Roe Deer (for May to September).

We also have a hybrid hunting show. This features the combination of American style hunting and European hunting tradition and culture.

Stay Tuned for What We’ll Offer Next

  1. Backlink exchanges on our website
  2. Advertising and promotion of your product on our social media site (WILD Jaeger Facebook page)
  3. Receipt of promotional products from your company by our WILD Jaeger pro staff team in order to create our advertising material
  4. Creation of photographic advertisements and video commercials through our production company (WILD Jaeger Productions)
  5. Space on our e-commerce page for your item to be sold to our interested international customers (.com and soon .uk e-commerce pages)
  6. Space in our store/warehouse located in Vilseck, Germany where we can shelve, sell, and act as a distributor for your products in Europe
  7. Representation in at least one outdoor/hunting product expo in Germany/Europe annually (IWA Expo in Nürnberg, Germany)
  8. Translation services for and during all of these areas