Adrian Banks (United Kingdom)


Adrian, as a youngster, always spent his time in the fields. Once he left school he started life as a trainee game keeper, rearing pheasant partridge and duck.

Adrian has hunted a variety of game in the UK including all six wild species of deer, Red, Roe, Sika, Fallow, Muntjac and Chinese Water Deer, plus Wild goat and the illusive UK Wild Boar.

Outside the UK Adrian hunts plains game in South Africa and has taken various animals such as Impala, Blesbok, Wildebeest, Hartebeest, Zebra, Ostrich, Kudu and more.

Hunting is not always about getting the biggest trophy. Selective culling of females and young are all part of good management. Adrian is passionate about hunting. It is a way of life for Adrian and he believes that hunting is something we should all look after and preserve for future generations.

Figure 2 “Photo” Adrian Banks with a Red hind and calf in the Highlands of Scotland.


Countries Hunted:

United Kingdom and South Africa

Animals taken:

Red, Roe, Fallow, Muntjac, Sika and Chinese water deer

Wild goat, Wild boar, Fox, African plains game.

Preferred Method:



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