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By Per Kristensen, WILD Jaeger Pro Staff (Sweden)

Ever since I was a little boy, I have been fascinated by knives. It started when I was in the boy scouts, and then when I started hunting. For my lifestyle, good quality knives are a must!

To be honest, before I became involved with WILD Jaeger, I had never heard of Camillus knives. I don´t know why because it is an old company from 1876 that makes good quality knives. Now I own a small collection of knives from Camillus.

Figure 1 (Photo) Camillus Brand “Wildfire” Knife, field tested by Per Kristensen.

• The Camillus Wildfire, a smaller folding knife that is perfect for gutting, carving, skinning and more. (My personal favorite).
• The Camillus Tyrant, a fixed blade knife that is small and with an amazing grip. Great for skinning and carving.
• The Camillus Vortex, a stabile folding knife that I use a lot. It is robust and a bit heavier than the Wildfire. Handles a bit rougher work.
• The Camillus Trekus, a multitool with two blades (one regular and one fillet knife), a saw, compass, firestarter, whistle and a flashlight. I mostly use this tool when fishing or picking mushrooms.
• The Camillus Camtrax, a hatchet with a saw folded into the handle. great for preparing a hunting spot.
• The Camillus M12 Titanium Bonded Bayonet. As the name says, it’s a bayonet. I have not had the pleasure to use this in the field yet, but it looks great.
• The Camillus Carnivore X 18″ Titanium Bonded Machete, is a very sharp machete with a saw on the upper side. great for chopping branches.
• The Camillus HT-8.5 Fixed Blade Knife is from the Camillus Brand’s latest collection of fixed blade knives. It has a good short blade and a rubber handle for a good grip. Perfect for skinning! Very stable. The PERFECT hunting knife!

Figure 2 (Photo) The “Trekus” is my favorite Camillus Brand Knife to take mushroom hunting

All these knives are high quality. The steel in them is easy to get sharp and keep sharp. I use my Camillus Brand knives daily. I have other knives in my collection, but I keep going back to my Camillus Brand knives.

If you do not know it, Camillus Brand Knives are in Europe. People should try them out when they get the opportunity. I like the knives very much, and the price they sell for is very reasonable for the quality.

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