International Pro Staff

Chief Executive Officer/Founder

Ricky Mills is a retired US Army Special Forces Officer who began WILD Jaeger in 2010 to connect the global hunting community and promote American hunting products in Europe. Ricky is a true outdoorsman that has traveled or hunted the globe. He is passionate about bow hunting and helping others connect to hunting. His years of living in Europe make him uniquely qualified to understand and promote American hunting products. Ricky now lives in upstate New York and divides his time into the states and Europe.

Chief Operations Officer

Frank Adkinson is a retired US Army Infantry Officer who has marketing, fundraising, and business operations experience. An avid outdoorsman, he has hunted and fished from Alaska to Florida. He has extensive hunting experience in Europe and earned his Jagdschein (German hunting license). Frank lives in central Georgia where he enjoys the many game and fishing opportunities the “Peach State” offers.

Social Media Manager

Norbert Simon has photography, videography, and social media management experience in the outdoor industry. He was introduced to hunting in 2011 and is passionate about precision shooting and bowhunting. He became WILD Jaeger Pro Staff of the year in 2018 that led to his current position. Norbert lives in beautiful Transylvania, the heart of Romania.

Per Kristensen (Sweden)

Per Kristensen (Sweden)

I was born back in 1988. And grew up on a small farm in the countryside in the south of Sweden. My father and my grandfather taught me to hunt

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Kristof Lequeu (Belgium)

I am Kristof Lequeu, a 24-year-old hunter from Belgium. I started to hunt with my Father and Grandfather at the age of 5. First I went with them as a

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Peter Hochstein (Hungary)

I was born in October 1981 in Budapest, the capital of Hungary. My father was a professional hunter at the time. I grew up in a family, where hunting was

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Ivan Eady (Spain)

Ivan Eady was born in Spain on the 5 of June of 1978. Ever since he was a child he has been attracted to the countryside and nature; particularly the

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Adrian Banks (United Kingdom)

Adrian, as a youngster, always spent his time in the fields. Once he left school he started life as a trainee game keeper, rearing pheasant partridge and duck. Adrian has

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Alois Hofherr (Deutschland)

Alois Hofherr ist ein erfahrener Bogenschütze und ein Experte des traditionellen Bogenschiessens. Seit mehr als 30 Jahre betreibt er diesen Sport. Als Präsident der Deutschen Jagdbogen Association wurde er im Herbst 2008 nach Busan

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Kostas Papadopoulos (Greece)

Kostas Papadopoulos was born in 1974 in Sweden. He has a wife Diana and two children George and Dimos. Both of his children hunt as well… His family returned to Greece in 1983, at

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Luis Hant, Deutschland (Germany)

Luis Hant was born in 1975 , and currently lives in Germany, specifically the Black Forest, near Freiburg i.B. He has been hunting since 2006 when he shot his first wild

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Imar Faasen (Netherlands)

Imar Faasen  was born in 1971, as a very young boy, he spent most of his time in nature and absolutely fell in love with it.  This actually has never changed,

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