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The Story of Nightmare

The Story of Nightmare By Dale Kiser, WILD Jaeger Pro Staff (Kentucky) Figure 1 ”Photo” Nightmare back in September of 2014. He never had a name until 2016, the first picture of him was in 2013. He was a 100″ to 110″ -9-point and after I started getting trail camera pictures of him, I said this…

A LOOK BACK AT THE 2012 Season

By Jason (The WildMan) Hutcheson It was opening day of the 2012-2013 deer season and I was at work. I sat in the truck playing back the perfect scenario in my mind. A monster buck chasing a doe 20 yards from my stand. Of course, it had stopped to give me the perfect 20 yard…

The Quest continues to harvest a Spring Gobbler

By Greg Traynor This year I again had the pleasure to go hunting with my brother John and two great friends, Chris and Guy. The quest started this year on Monday, May 14th 2012. My family loaded my action track chair after work onto my 4×6 trailer. Of course it was raining while we loaded…