Duje Milic (Croatia)

Duje Milic

I was born and raised in Split, Croatia on the 8th of May 1981, since I was the 5-year-old boy I show interest in hunting dogs of my uncle, rifles..and hunting. My passion for hunting started when I was 14 years old and went hunting for the first time with my uncle. Nothing could stop me anymore to become a hunter. I took a hunting course and got my license in 2002, and become officially a hunter. The first season was unforgettable because I have harvested my first wild boar in the driven hunt. Since that moment wild boar hunting become my favorite hunt, I also love to hunt roebucks, hare…etcI have a couple of trophies from hunting…but my favorite one is from 2016 when I harvested a bronze medal wild boar with tusks 110.25 pointsAlso, I have a B.Sc degree in mechanical engineering and during high school and college I played handball as a semi-pro (Croatian second handball division)

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