Gasper Petric (Slovenia)


Hey hunters my name is Gasper Petric, I’m from the small European country Slovenia.

First thing I remember of my childhood was hunting with my grandpa. He is a legend of Gams Hunting.

So my first game at age 13 was Gams in my Urslja Gora. There was no doubt that I wanted to become a professional hunter.

Now I have 12 years of experience in guiding, tracking, and hunting with hunting license.

I hunt in the heart of gams revier, every day mountain and gams call me in to their arms.

With experience and love to hunt chamois I think that in my vanes is gams blood.

Now I’m 30 years old and full of enthusiasm for hunt, sharing experience and meeting new hunters and learning from them.

Now when I bacame WILD Jaeger Pro Staff, my hunting connections gets worldwide.

Kind regards !

Gasper Petric WILD Jaeger PRO staff

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