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WILD Jaeger (WJ), LLC

Ricky Mills
CEO / Founder / Co-Owner
Elbridge, NY 13060

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Figure 1 “Photo” (L-R) John MacCallum and Ricky Mills, WILD Jaeger Co-Owners, during the first WILD Jaeger Team hunt in Hungary, August 2011. The hunt that started it all.

WILD Jaeger Hunting & Fishing Center (Vilseck Germany)

Allen Tigges (Franchise Owner)
Bahnhof Strasse 2
92249 Vilseck Germany

Office - +49 9662 7023591
Cell - 0171-3611562
Email -

Open Hours
Tuesday through Friday 1200-1800 hours
Saturday 1000 - 1600 hours


WILD Jaeger Hunting & Fishing Center (Stuttgart Germany)

Larry Reeb (Franchise Owner)
Im Vogelsang 21B
71101 Schönaich

Office - 0162-9536569
Cell - 01515-8777280
Email -

Open Hours
Wednesday Through Saturday 1000-1900 hours


WILD Jaeger (WJ) LLC
Headquarters and North American Office

John MacCallum (CFO / Co-Owner)
847 Forest Ave.
Brown Mills NJ 08015

Cell - (805) 509-5356
Email -

WILD Jaeger (WJ) LLC

Ricky Mills (CEO / Co-Owner)
3323 Milton Ave.
Syracuse NY 13219

Cell - (315) 209-8253
Email -

  1. The first WILD Jaeger Hunting and Fishing Center opened on 8 September 2012 and is the first store of its kind in Europe! It is the launching point for WILD Jaeger to tackle the European market for bringing American Hunting Product – innovation, ingenuity and Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) to the European theater of hunting and hunting product marketing/sales.

Figure 2 “Photo” Local Officials cut the ribbon opening our first WILD Jaeger Store in Vilseck, Germany.

Figure 3 “Photo” A look inside the store, if you need quality hunting and fishing gear, we have it!

Figure 4 “Photo” A small look at our fishing center.

2. A distribution warehouse/center to receive, package and ship orders of our partner hunting products to stores throughout Europe.

3. We are customer oriented and below are just a few of the WILD Jaeger Services our store provides:

A. WILD Jaeger Hunting & Fishing Adventures (hunting consultation) – Let us do the work and locate your dream game/hunt. Croatia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Scotland and South Africa are just a few locations we are offering hunts in with the game you have wanted to hunt forever. Contact us today…

WILD Jaeger Hunting & Fishing Center office hours are:

Tuesday – Saturday (1000-1900)

Sunday & Monday (Closed)

Contact information is: Cell – 0170 5528152, Office – 09662 7023591, Email –

B. WILD Jaeger Video Productions (hunting, video recording, photographing, and video production) – Send us, or drop off, your hunting video and we will break it down, add music and eliminate duplications. We can also add some graphics and state of the art visual affects to make that once in a lifetime hunt a memory that you can watch over and over again.

C. Indoor 10 meter Archery Range – Sizing, ordering, building (Montage), maintenance, lessons (beginner to advanced) and possible qualification in one of our locally run International Bow Hunter’s Education Program (IBEP) courses. Followed up with the opportunity to travel with us somewhere in Europe to practice what you have just learned. Why not join us and sharpen your skills hunting the different game in Europe!

Figure 5 “Photo” The WILD Jaeger Hunting and Fishing Center 10 meter indoor archery range. Available for rental by the hour.

We have bows and arrow combinations for rent while you figure out if archery is really your thing. The archery range can be used the first 3 times by anyone with no charges, again to see if this is what you like. After that, we offer a reasonable fee of 10 Euros per hour to rent the range space, 2 Euros for bow rental and 2 Euros for target rentals. 10 Euros fee per hour for our instructor, Alois Hofherr, to be in the range with you providing one on one archery instruction.

We also offer bow storage in our warehouse for 100 Euros per year. Your bow, and all of your personal archery gear, must be in a bow case to be stored in the WILD Jaeger Hunting & Fishing Center warehouse.

D. Class/Conference Room space with a computer hook-ups, one eye projector, surround sound, white board space and room for up to 15 students. Conference table type atmosphere or chairs in rows facing the front; the room can be set up to facilitate your training/teaching/speaking preferences.

Figure 6 “Photo” The WILD Jaeger Class/Conference Room. Available for rental by the hour.

“WILD Game differs in other countries, but the call of the WILD is still the same!”

Let’s Go Hunting!