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By WILD Jaeger Pro Staff (Denmark) Rasmus Andersen

In Denmark, it’s possible to come visit the country as a Foreigner and go hunting. You can hunt private land with permission of the land owner or you can rent the hunting rights on a specific piece of property or buy an arranged hunt on government land.

But before any hunting can take place, you have to obtain a valid Hunting License.

The Hunting License:
If you want to go hunting in Denmark, you have to apply for a temporary Danish Hunting License. The Hunting License Office must receive your application at least 4 weeks before you want to go hunting.

Figure 1 (Photo) The Hunting License application process website.

The application for a temporary Danish hunting license must contain:

  • A valid hunting license
  • Documentation that the license has been paid in full
  • Date of birth
  • Any documentation or certificates required for rifle hunting
  • Any documentation or certificates required for bow hunting
  • Any c/o address in Denmark

An application for a temporary Danish hunting license must contain a copy of your current valid hunting license from your home country/state. They also need to know your date of birth; which appears on most hunting licenses.

If you want to go rifle hunting in Denmark, you must have an endorsement on your temporary Danish hunting license. To acquire this, your application must contain a copy of your firearms certificate or European firearms pass. If you are from Norway, you are required to submit documentation that you have passed the annual shooting test.

If you want to go bow hunting in Denmark, you must document that you are permitted to go bow hunting. This requires that the application contains evidence that you have passed a test for bow hunting held by an authority, and any validity period has not expired.

The National Commissioner’s Office must consent to the issuance of hunting licenses to all hunters in Denmark. Processing time for a temporary Danish hunting license is about 4 weeks. Leave yourself plenty of time for the process to be completed.

The hunting license is valid for the entire hunting year (1 April – 31 March) and it costs DKK 535.
Note that the temporary hunting license is only valid for one hunting year. If you return in another hunting year, you will need to apply for a hunting license again.

When approved, it’s time to pay…

LINK: Paying for your hunting license after approval

Also, when the hunt is completed or the season has passed.

Reporting a game bag
If you have a hunting license, you have to report your game bag to the Nature Agency. You can do this electronically. You can report your bag as you harvest it throughout the hunting season. Final deadline is 31 March.

LINK: Reporting your harvest
What can I hunt / Game Animals, Denmark does not have much of big game but you can hunt:

Big and Medium Game
Red Stag Fallow Deer Sika Deer
Roe Deer Mufflon Wild boar

Small Game
Red Fox, Hare, Wild Rabbit, pheasant,
Ducks and Geese (The fishing territory surrounding Denmark can NOT be hunted by Foreigners)

Hunting Table (local regulation’s can be in effect so ask Outfitter / Land owner)

Figure 2 (Photo) Hunting Table Jagttabel

Figure 3 (Photo) Rasmus Andersen with a Roe Deer he harvested bowhunting in Denmark.

Special Regulations regarding Bow Hunting in Denmark.
You need to take an archery hunting test in Denmark or a corresponding test from another country.
You are welcome to contact me for information about upcoming courses and tests. (contact details found at

All legal hunting species of mammals and birds, except red deer, fallow deer, sika deer, mouflon and wild boar can be hunted with bow and arrow.

You need to bring your hunting license at all times during the hunt.
Requirement’s for the Bow and Arrow
If hunting Roe Deer, Fox, Hare and Geese you need at least (E0) 40 Joule and an arrow weight of at least 25 Grams. If use mechanical broadheads you will need at least (E0) 70 Joule.

If hunting other game species, you will need (E0) at least 40 Joule and an arrow weight of 20 grams. But if you use a Blunt tip, you will need at least 70 Joule.
If you are using any stabilizer on your bow it cannot be longer than 35 cm in length.

Attachments that will allow shooting of more than one arrow at a time is illegal.
Things that will load the string is illegal (crossbow)
If hunting birds, and you use a broadhead, you must use flu-flu arrows.

Figure 4 (Photo) WILD Jaeger Pro Staff (Denmark) Rasmus Andersen and his hunting companion.

Requirements for the broadheads:
When hunting Roe deer, Fox, Hare and Geese You need at least a 3 bladed broadhead with a cutting diameter of 25 mm. Using a blunt tip is not permitted for these game animals.

If hunting other game species, a 2 bladed broadhead is allowed, with a minimum cutting diameter of 20mm or a blunt tip with a 16mm hitting diameter.

Broadheads have to be made out of steel with no Barbs.
Broadheads are not permitted to have explosives or poison.

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