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Imar Faasen  was born in 1971, as a very young boy, he spent most of his time in nature and absolutely fell in love with it.  This actually has never changed, as a young man he did a lot of bushcraft and followed a course in bow making.

This is when Imar discovered archery. He started shooting primitive wooden bows and gradually grew into shooting medieval English war bows of around 100lbs.

Along with some of his archery friends, he started completing the IBEP course in Belgium, and he absolutely loved it!

The FBA (Flemish bow hunting association) helped Imar to fulfill a dream he thought would never come true; to become a bow hunter.  He participated in the Flemish hunting course and passed all the exams with great joy and excellent numbers.

Then he received an invitation by the Belgium King. In Belgium it is tradition that the best students are invited to the Royal hunting grounds. What an honor and what an amazing opportunity!

Now Imar was able to learn hunting skills from experienced hunters and maybe even shoot some deer.  On top of that he was able to hunt in hunting area’s in France where hunting is done strictly by bow!

Imar holds a Belgium and a French hunting license and an international IBEP certification.  He is a member of the Flemish Bow Hunting Federation,  (FBA).  He hopes to start a Dutch Bowhunting association in the near future.

He has harvested two roe deer with his rifle and taken a fox and a wild-boar with his compound bow. This season, 2016, he hopes to shoot his first red-deer, increase his hunting skills and maybe kill his first animal with a traditional bow.

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