Kostas Papadopoulos (Greece)


Kostas Papadopoulos was born in 1974 in Sweden. He has a wife Diana and two children George and Dimos. Both of his children hunt as well…

His family returned to Greece in 1983, at which time he began to train in Karate. Kostas was very successful at an early age and he quickly advanced to the national team. He won the World Championship 4 times followed by being the 9 time European Karate Champion and 20 time Greek National Champion.

Kostas has always been passionate about Nature. At an early age his father and grandfather introduced Kostas to hunting. They shared a great many adventures where he developed a strong desire to hunt as well. That desire along with a competitive nature brought Kostas to none other than hunting with a Bow and Arrow, which is his new passion.

Kostas is a commander in the Greek Coast Guard. He is a commander in a Special Unit that is focused on Counter Drug Trafficking. Previously, Kostas was in the Greek Army, Special Operations Forces for three years. He has received recognitions including “The Greek Silver Cross” for his accomplishments and service to his country.


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