Larry Reeb


Larry E. Reeb II was born in 1965 in Louisville Kentucky. He was introduced to nature at an early age by his father (Big Larry) as his father, Larry Reeb Sr. was an astute Mountain Man. Many would argue Larry Sr. was born 200 years too late. Larry started going hunting when he was but 6 years old. His first hunting rifle was a 32 Caliber percussion cap rifle (Black Powder) which his father built. From there it was on, Larry was and has been since, engulfed in nature.

His father taught him to track wild game, to identify types of trees and plants. He was taught what trees were good for what purpose and what plants were eatable, medicinal to include, which were dangerous. He and his father lived in a log cabin that they built in Butler County Kentucky. There was no electricity in the house, no running water. Larry often jokes of how they had running water, he just had to go run and get it.

Larry harvested his first deer when he was 11 years old. He had his own trap line when he was 12, trapping mink, raccoon, fox and whatever else ended up in his traps. Larry’s first bow was a Bear recurve, he was 13 or so, but never harvested anything with it, just paper and practice.

Larry graduated High School in 1984 and Joined the Army when he was 19 years old. He started his twenty five year career in the Army as a Crew Chief on a UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter. Under challenged, and often finding himself in trouble, the start of this new chapter was off to a bumpy start. He sought to do something better and asked about the US Army Rangers and Special Forces. He was told he would never make it so, feeling challenged he applied anyway and two years later he graduated Special Forces Training as a Special Forces Communications Sergeant in 1991.

Larry retired in 2010, a Special Forces combat veteran himself and having led some of the most elite soldiers known to our great nation. Since his retirement, he has lived in Germany where he hunts every chance he gets and continues to develop in terms of knowledge and nature. Larry has now been with WILD Jaeger for two years and opened his own WILD Jaeger Franchise in Schönaich Germany.

WILD Jaeger (Stuttgart)

Im Vogelsang 21b
Schönaich 71101

Larry Reeb with his first ever Fallow Deer bow kill in Croatia.  Great job Larry! Watch the video HERE.


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