Lumenok Crossbow Bolts


By Greg Traynor
Make: Lumenok BECC3 – 3 Pack of Bolts $54.95
Model: (Cresent or Moon Shaped End, 20″ Bolts)

Figure 1 “Photo” Lumenok BECC3

Transport and Packing: The box arrived on time and undamaged; the unit was ordered through and delivered by UPS.

Unpacking: Upon opening the box and emptying the contents, the unit was well packed and free from any type of damage.

Assembly: The only assembly was the installation of the broad heads or field tips.

Use: I use these bolts with my Parker Buck Buster 175 crossbow and love them. I shoot a Rage 100 grain two blade broad head and find these bolts to shoot well and they do light up very bright! By rocking the nock, the light is turned off after the shot. No tools are needed.

Overall evaluation to date: Easy to assemble, easy to use. I highly recommend these bolts. They perform as advertised and are very durable. The bolts come with three 4’’ vanes and weigh 319 grains each.

Figure 2 “Photo” Lumenok Doe taken 12/3/11. Greg Traynor with his brother after a successful day in the woods using the Lumenok BECC3.

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