Review of the FOXPRO Shockwave

FOXPRO Shockwave

FOXPRO Shockwave Review

By Marius Monrad, WILD Jaeger Norway.

I received my shockwave only days after the 2019 fox season ended.

So what did I do?

Was I supposed to wait for the season to open in July?

No, absolutely not.

I wouldn’t wait for the opener to get comfortable with a new rifle, so why should a new caller be any different? I headed to the woods with my camera and my caller and spent hours outside in a place where nobody could hear me. The shockwave is a GREAT piece of equipment! Having never used an electronic caller of any quality, I must admit that I had my doubts.

Would the sounds be realistic enough?

Would it be loud enough to carry through the endless Norwegian forests?

Could this thing measure up to a well-blown mouth caller?

The results blew me away!

I live in an area with relatively little farmland compared to forests. So our animal populations are very natural, not large numbers of any species, but they’re all there in healthy populations. The properties are small and typically consists of dense forest and a couple of small grass fields. Our winters can be tough for the game, especially the roe deer. And the red fox population just isn’t helping. As an effort to help the roes and the small game, I hunt foxes.

My preferred method has been hunting over a bait at night in the winter, but some years ago I started to call a little, with varying results. Keep in mind the dense forest and the fact that we don’t have as dense fox populations as they have in areas with more farmland. The most difficult thing about calling in this area is controlling the wind.

Can the FOXPRO help me lure the foxes out from the treeline?

The first thing that struck me when I opened the box, was that this thing is a lot smaller than I thought. Which is great! Compact and lightweight is music in any backcountry hunter’s ears.

Like so many other guys, I had no time at all to look at the manual, I wanted to call, and now. Luckily, the Shockwave is extremely easy to learn, and I knew the basics within minutes. The caller itself is as mentioned compact and has a minimum of buttons to control volume and basic operation. The speakers can be tilted to cover a large area. The Shockwave comes with a remote controller, and that is where the real action is at!

The remote is extremely sturdy, and you can feel the quality. Large buttons with clear messages on them make it easy for a set of frozen fingers with gloves to control the caller. As long as the controller and the caller are both ON, there is nothing you can’t do from your stand or blind at a distance, you have full control of the caller.

I have only tested the remote out to about 100m (about 110yds) and had no problems whatsoever controlling the caller from that distance. Both the select-button, the volume buttons, and the mute-buttons are extremely available, and very naturally placed on the controller. So are the preset-buttons. All the most important controls are right there by your thumb.

When I first hit the woods and turned on the caller, I was truly amazed by the sound quality. You couldn’t do any better with a mouth caller, and it was adjustable from the point where you can’t hear it, to a level I can only describe as “crazy loud”. The caller comes with 100 sounds already installed and will hold up to about 1000 sounds. The included sounds cover anything from kittens meowing via hares, rabbits, deer, and birds in distress to moose grunts and elk bugles, all neatly organized in categories. And you can get all the sounds you can think of from FOXPRO, so I can’t see how you would miss a sound for your use. But if you do, you can simply install your own sounds.

The entire system is extremely easy and quick to use, giving you time to focus on the shooting.

The Shockwave is loaded with all the coolest features you can think of. In fact, it’s amazing that anyone has come up with these ideas. One of the features that really got me worked up, is the “FOXMOTION”. It moves the sound between the two speakers, making it feel like the wounded prey is moving around. Very realistic indeed. The caller also comes with a feature called “FOXBANG”. This feature will make the caller react to the sound of a gunshot by switching to another sound.

Say if you are really lucky, and two foxes are coming in on a rabbit in distress-sound, the caller could switch to a fox in distress, or even a more intense rabbit sound when you shoot the first one, hopefully causing the other fox to stop. You can adjust the pitch of the sounds with “FOXPITCH”, you can mix two sounds with “FOXFUSION” (a very cool feature when hunting crows!). But the most important features for my personal use is “FOXDATA” and “FOXCAST”.

FOXDATA” actually records moon phase, barometric pressure, temperature, stand duration, and shot time, allowing you to learn more about your game over time.

FOXCAST” will automate the calling by letting you pre-program your deadliest calling sequences on your computer before the hunt, allowing you to just sit and watch without moving your hands away from your gun.

The caller can be equipped with a moving decoy that will steal the attention of any hungry fox, letting you get away with lifting your rifle. When the season started it only took me a few days to shoot my first FOXPRO fox, and I have called in more foxes this year than ever before. I have also shot ravens with my Shockwave, they go totally nuts over the sounds.

So what are my thoughts so far?

I absolutely love my new caller!

Perfect sounds, loud and clear, and most importantly, the remote controller lets me place the caller away from me and my scent!

In these heavily wooded areas, scent control is what makes predator calling so difficult, and the FOXPRO takes that problem out of the equation.

I have shot some foxes with it now and will keep at it. And who knows, maybe this caller will give me my first lynx one day?

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