Steve Tournier (France)

Steve Tournier

My name is Steve Tournier, I currently live in the south of France.

I discovered hunting very late in 2013. The passion for hunting over the years has become a way of life that I share with my family and friends.

Not a week goes by without my mind not doing one with nature.

The hunt also allowed me to open my mind and to discover other continents, North America, South Africa, L’espagne, etc.

Traveling is like a childhood dream!

It is always a new experience for me and a unique chance to travel and see another aspect of hunting.

I hunt most often with a bow, we have an extraordinary chance to be able to hunt all the big animals of our country with a bow.

To be able to take an animal within 20m is quite simply magic and gives me unique emotions.

I love to hunt roebuck by calling them my specialties. I like to share the hunt with friends it is for me the most important.

To be part of the Wild Jaeger team and a new experience for me and an exceptional chance to test the sponsor material in my country.

It is an honor to represent Wild Jaeger in my country of origin; France.

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