Vukašin Prelević (Serbia)

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I am born 9th of January 1995 in Serbia. Coming from a hunting family, I fell in love with the hunt since I was a little boy. Finished college at age of 24, got a master degree in Agriculture and Agricultural business.

Active hunter from my 18th birthday. Main hunting game for me are small game (quails, doves, duck, rabbits, pheasants), big game roedeers and wild boar’s favorite are predators (foxes and jackals). The hunting technique, I prefer most is stalking.

I love to be out there and enjoy nature. I am the owner of the WILD Srbija YouTube page, making of hunting movies is my big passion, hopefully, I will have the chance to travel hunt/film all over the world.

Hunting rifle caliber, I prefer most Is 223 rem. Absolutely the best for flat hunting ground I hunt. I am also using 30 06 for bigger game. And 12 gauge for small game.

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