Connecting The Global Hunting Community

WJ Services


Purchase a new bow from WILD Jaeger, and we will do the following free of charge.

  • Install all of the accessories you purchase from us, on your new bow.
  • Adjust your draw length for a custom fit.
  • Roughly sight in your bow, for a good starting point.
  • Provide a quick training so you can adjust your equipment independently.

Bow Shop Services

  • Bow Setup and Repair (Contact Store for Pricing)
  • Basic Bow Setup (sight installation, rest, peep and quiver)
  • Basic Bow Tuning (including safety check, center shot, check draw weight, draw length, and nock point)
  • Paper Tuning
  • Complete Bow Tuning
  • Draw Length Adjustment
  • Poundage Adjustment
  • Arrow Rest Installation
  • Sight Mount
  • Quiver Mount
  • Replace String
  • Replace Cables
  • Re-Serve Center String
  • Peep Tie-In
  • Install Kisser Button
  • D-Loop or Nock Installation


  • Cut To Length
  • Install Inserts
  • Chronograph
  • Refletch Arrows